HammerMassager Electronic Handy Massager 2106

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  • Company : shenzhen chenghan technology co.,ltd
  • Telephone : +86 13316540574
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • portable
  • handy
  • massage hammer
  • hammer massager
  • electronic

Product Details

Product Function

Double head massage, can cover a larger area
Warm physiotherapy
Deep massage to ease fatigue
Massage speed is freely adjustable
Long handle, easy to use
Three massage heads to changeable use


shenzhen chenghan technology co.,ltd

Contact Person: Yaphet

Telephone: +86 13316540574

Landline: +86 0755 28999860

Company Address: Floor 2, block 7, shantian Industrial zonce, henggang town, shenzhen, china,518125


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